10.000 lost soles

I'm embarking on a new project! WE are! 
The goal is to collect 10.000 shoes on on shore lines, mountains and forests of Hong Kong. This is a continuation of a land-art project '1.000 lost soles' which started in 2015, where we used 1.000 shoes to create a circle at Pui O wetlands, an endangered eco-system on Lantau Island. It is alarming, to say the least, how over-production and over-consumption in our industrial age has become out of hands. We find human products not only in cities and homes, but floating in the sea, buried in the earth and lost in the landscape of nature.
HELP COLLECTING To be part of a bigger picture. To create awareness to value more and waste less. To be the solution you want to see in the world. To connect.  To simply be in nature. 

Collection points are on Lantau Island, Hong Kong:
- Lo Kei Wan Beach
- Pui O Pebble Beach
- Tai Long Wan Beach

Trash-land-art not only challenges our perception of art but also our behaviour as consumers and responsibility for nature. 

more info and recent pics on my www.facebook.com/artofliinaklauss


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  1. Hi Liina! Hope all is great with you. When do you think the installation might be started? We had about 1000 shoes on one of our beaches but they were removed :( We still have a lot of shoes stored under my house though and on the Sea Classroom.
    Thanks, Tracey